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arphwoar's Journal

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· About

Hey, welcome to arphwoar! We are an Arthur Pendragon-centric community, focusing on the BBC Merlin adaptation. :D

We encourage Merlin discussion, meta, picspams, icons, fanfic, fanart, fannvids, recs, etc etc as long as it is related to Arthur and doesn't break the rules of the community which are located to the right.

Your mods
Your mods are: cupcaked, silvia_elisa, merrelyn and svelterose.

Mod Post
MOD CONTACT POST for affiliation requests, queries and general comments.

Layout: unoriginal
Background: burgundy_shoes
Arthur Images: tarienemrys






· Rules

Posts must be centred on Arthur Pendragon of Merlin (BBC). Bradley James is fair game, but this community is Arthur-centric, not Bradley-centric. Discussion, fic, icons, wallpaper, mood icons, generally fangirlyness/fanboyingness is fine. :D And encouraged!

Friending posts are allowed if it's Merlin-centric. Multi-fandom: no.

Have respect for the members of this community. Flaming, insulting, personal attacking is not acceptable. BE NICE. Also: NO character/cast bashing, ship wars/wank, general wank etc.

Tag your posts accordingly. No tag? Ask a mod.

Title your posts appropriately because (a) it's useful (b) easier to find things. e.g. if you're posting a fic, it would be super awesome if you titled your post: "My Fic by Me" instead of leaving the title field blank.

No community/website promotion without mod permission.

Spoiler policy: if it's been shown in the UK, then it's OK.

Icon policy: four teasers/previews only.

Common sense policy: NSFW/image spams/super long text/dubious content for public computers/spoilers/embed videos = lj-cut it. Images over 400x300 must be put beind a cut.

Use LJ's Adult Content filter/security level for your posts. The community default is No Adult Concepts -- if needed. i.e. if you're posting an 18+ post -- SET THE FILTER; if you're just linking, then it's fine.

Don't delete your posts or comments unless a mod has asked you to or the LJ team has -- we would like to retain discussion and all that. :D

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(Feel free to modify and remember to tag your posts!)
· · · · · · · · · · · · "arthur100" · · · · · · · · · · · ·

The tag arthur100 has been created for drabbles set by the mods of arphwoar for you to complete. It works like merlin100: we will post a prompt and you will "respond" to the prompt by posting a new drabble on the comm (with the tag "arthur100") based on the prompt. We will accept anything as LONG as it abides by those rules up there *points* and it's one hundred words! :) Please remember to put multiple drabbles under a cut; feel free to link to your own journal. :)

P.S. This is COMPLETELY optional and it is just a community activity!